Call for Volunteers

Volunteer to Support Your Team!

Parent help is vital to our season operating smoothly. Click any of the volunteer categories below to access the sign up lists.

Calling for Tech Crew


Spartan Family — We are in need of 4–5 adults (tech team) that can help facilitate the technology setup, operation and breakdown of equipment during our next 9 (and hopefully more) football games.

We have been relying on kids to handle our tech operation and it is FAILING!  (well it could be better).  We really need a team of 4–5 adults to work this situation.  We are sitting on thousands of dollars of gear that really should be jhandled by responsible adults (and coaches). We will put a small team of coaches on this as well…

Here are the responsibilities:

  1. Arrive early to the game site (home or away) (90 minutes) to help unload the trailer of gear
  2. Setup:the Echo system, endzone camera, Field TV and Ipads, and associated wide view cameras with corresponding covering tents and power generator
  3. Monitor and film the various angles of cameras
  4. Manage the Echo computer and software surrounding the game footage
  5. Breakdown of tech gear and tents and loading onto trailer for removal

PERKS — there are perks to helping!!

  1. free game entrance
  2. program sweatshirt

We will work to put the large sideline tent in a position that impedes field vision from the stands as minimally as possible (I promise) but we do need it (sorry) to protect

Really appreciate the support everyone… PLEASE EMAIL if you are interested in helping out on FRIDAY NIGHTS.

Spring is Volunteer Season

Player Volunteers | Spring 2017

Spring is the time of year that the Touchdown Club Boosters do most of our fundraising. Between the Mulch Sale and the Regatta Parking fundraiser, we are able to raise over 80% of the funds that allow us to support Spartan Football.

But we can’t do it without your help.

Please sign up to help us with our 2017 Mulch Sale Deliveries. Just a few weekend hours on either Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 will make a big difference to our success.

Your volunteer hours will help improve the Spartan Football program for 2017/2018.

To sign up to help with the Mulch Sale, please click below:

To sign up to help with the Regatta, please click below:

Game Volunteers

Pre-Game Meals: Serve the players pre-game meals.

The following areas are where we need help for HOME games.

Ticket Takers:

  • Freshman Game Ticket Takers: This is for JV parents to sign up so that Freshman parents can watch their boys play football. Arrive by 5 pm and report to the game manager of the evening, either Andy Muir or Betsy Fawsett.
  • JV Game Ticket Takers: This is for Freshman parents to sign up so that JV parents can watch their boys play football. Plan on staying from the start of the JV game until half time ( 8 or 8:30).

Chain Gang:

Helmet Crew:

Thank You!